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Our team will create a custom web design for your organization. We incorporate the power of databases to work more effectively with your clients and increase your ability to communicate. We find our clients all have one thing in common – they are successful because they are unique and are able to offer superior services to their competition.

They depend  on our knowledge of web design and Internet

Programming to make their website customer and SEO friendly,

easy to use and that helps make them attract and keep their



At Baker Dynamics we don’t try to fit every business into a cookie

cutter template program or a solution that far exceeds their needs

but rather we custom craft or write the tools they need to have an

effective website. In the past ten years, we’ve created many custom

tools which help our clients meet their unique web design needs.


By knowing what the search engines need, our web designers can

give you, our customer, tools that other firms charge thousands of

dollars. Our goal is to be collaborative from day one and work with

you until your goals are met.


What does Internet Programming have to do with Web Design?

We specialize in interactive websites. Our websites interact with databases and use logic when presenting your message to your customers. Each customer’s experience on your site can be unique based on their choices making it easier for them to find just what they want. This applies not only to e Commerce but to Medical, Law sites, Informational or Institutional web design.

Your customer does not want to have to “figure it out”. If your site appears confusing, they will leave.


Why use us for your Web Design?


We have been in the web design business for over ten years working with e Commerce, Doctors, Lawyers, Charities, Clubs and other organizations, incorporating database design  and marketing into our sites; these strengths allow us to build dynamic websites that fit each customer’s need.


Over the years, we have “fixed” many websites that the search engines could not find; often this happens because many web designers concentrate only on the “visual appeal” of a site, not for what the search engines look for. Most of our clients enjoy top ratings for the keywords they choose because we work together to make it happen.


What is Proper Web Design?


Proper website design is a human and computer interaction that helps you achieve your goals. You must have the proper coding behind the scenes so that your site looks and performs properly no matter which browser a customer is using and we help you lay out your pages and content in such a way as to meet the search engine requirements.  Working with our professionals will allow your website to rise to the top. Search engines work in a very logical manner; effective communication sells whether with a live or an electronic customer.


We are very hands on when it comes to websites and we give each of our clients all the tools and human support possible to make their website an integral part of their business. Our philosophy of helping each client achieve their on-line goals is a cornerstone of our web design philosophy.


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